A Civil War Legacy


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In Marvin’s third publication, teenager James Wright, born about 1851, is saddened and disillusioned after his father, Samuel Wright, was killed in 1864 by Confederates. is horrible act brings thoughts of revenge and hatred to James. The emotional and mental pain would propel James Wright into a lifetime of crime that eventually involves two nephews, John and Albert Templeton. In 2000, Marvin met Betty Lou DeBord Frank, a Templeton descendant who had a wealth of information regarding the Wright and Templeton families. Betty, a great-niece of the Templeton brothers, and Marvin, a Templeton cousin through his great grandmother Susannah Templeton Byrd. Once Betty and Marvin realized they were related on the Templeton side, it set off a series of events, culminating in Marvin being asked by Betty in 2012 to write and publish this book, „A Civil War Legacy, the Saga of East Tennessee Outlaws, James Wright & John Templeton.“ Back from the Grave? Sadly, after the cold-blooded murder of Deputy Clint Legere, there was no turning back for John and Albert Templeton; their lives had changed forever. Once the Templetons were indicted with Jim and the Lawson brothers for the Legere murder, returning home and living an everyday life was no longer an option for the two. Regretfully, Albert dies while incarcerated in the Knoxville jail, while Jim and John ultimately die violently and ignominiously. Strangely, this doesn’t end the James Wright and John and Albert Templeton saga as many presumed it would. Nine years after their deaths, mysterious events transpire to make some believe the three had risen from the grave with an unholy mission- to rain down deadly vengeance.

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